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GoPed ESR750 Mod

I’ve had an ESR750 electric scooter for several years now and recently starting riding it more due to my cube-sharing (in two different buildings) at work. I GPS’ed it at just over 22MPH and wanted to see if i can get it to go faster. I ordered a new rear sprocket from Dave’s Motors¬†as well as one of GoPed’s new chain tensioners. I ordered the smallest sprocket, the 56 tooth so I can really see how fast these things can go (the stock sprocket is 73 tooth). I just finished installing everything tonight so I’ll clock it at work tomorrow.
Some notes on installation in case you’re wanting to do this mod yourself:

  • You’ll need a chain breaker to remove links from your chain. I have two that I use on my bike chains, but one didn’t work but my CPR9
  • worked to help push the pin out, but the spindle is too large to fit in the link. So, you’ll have to get out your vise-grips, clamp down on the stub, and pull the link out manually (I clamped the chain in my metal vise to help hold the chain). Be careful to not pull the pin completely out or it’ll be impossible to get it back in.
  • To remove the sprocket, you’ll need an allen wrench and a socket wrench. Sorry, forgot the sizes, but basically, put the socket on the nut on one side of the wheel and hold the bolt on the other side with the allen wrench. Loosen all four nuts and slide everything out and remove the sprocket. Put the new sprocket on and set it back on the axle (but don’t put the nut on yet).
  • With the wheel in place, measure how many links you’ll need to remove. Keep the links in a safe place in case you want to put the stock sprocket back on. Remove the links and install the chain. Put some lube on it so it’s nice and smooth (and quieter).
  • Put everything back and you’re done.

That’s about it. Enjoy your new ride.


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