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The MoneyClamp

I received Chris Pirillo’s tweet about replacing, or sending in his Coach wallet, then I thought about all the wallets I went through and how nothing really suited my needs, plus they were all too thick. I want a simple way to carry my money (bills), a few credit cards, and my drivers license. After searching far and wide, I came across the Money Clamp. It kinda looks like a binder clip you’d find at Office Depot, but it’s really slick. You flip down the sides and use the levers as handles to squeeze open the clamp. Take your 4-5 cards and fold your bills around them, then slide them in the clamp. Flip the handles backup and your money is locked in. The picture, courtesy of Beza, shows the bills wrapped around the included leather card holder, but I found it’s easier to just wrap the bills around the cards. I’d say it adds less than 3/16 of an inch to the thickness of your cards and bills (say, 3 quarters thick). They have different colors and two sizes and I’m currently using the black matte, which I purchased after I lost my original silver one.

It looks Beza’s website shows the mini and the regular, but the silver one I have is slightly larger than the black matte one, but my smaller one is not as small as the mini. So it looks like there are at least 3 sizes with the largest one not available anymore on Beza’s site. Comparing the two I have, I like the size and weight of the black, but the only drawback I can see is that since the handles don’t quite reach the end of the bills/cards, it’s just slightly more difficult to grab the handle to open it. I find myself slightly bending the bills/cards so I can stick my finger under the handle to open it. The original is overall larger and the handles extend beyond the edge so grabbing it is easier. All in all, I’d still get the black as I prefer the size and weight.

Here are the weight specs:
Original: 2.1 oz (10-11 quarters)
Mini: 1.5 oz (7 quarters)


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