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Magnets on your headphone cable

I have a few pairs of Shure earphones which I use daily to listen to podcasts. I usually only use one ear piece (as i don’t need to hear podcasts in stereo plus I like to be able to hear sounds around me). Doing this, the headphone cable tends to pull on the single ear piece and the pressure around my ear isn’t bad, but sometimes it gets annoying. (Just FYI, like Shure recommends, I wrap the cable around my ear and insert the ear piece inverted (so the cable is pointing up)). I had some neodymium magnets laying around and I super-glued one to the headphone cable. Take another pair and place them on your shirt collar, then you can attach the super-glued magnet to the one clamped on your shirt. No more pulling. If the headphone cord snags on something, the magnet will simply pull away from the collar (and possible from your ear) and not damage the cable (think of Apple’s MagSafe connector).

Anyway, thought I’d share this cool little tip.


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