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Opera developer edition

When Google Chrome first came out, I was all over it. I loved the speed, features, and pretty much everything else. However, as time went on, it’s become such a dog, causing my Mac to slow to a crawl. I really didn’t want to change browsers, but it’s gotten so bad that I started looking for alternatives. Enter Opera. I used Opera back in the day, but they’ve now started using webkit (same as Chrome) and it’s so much faster and more reliable than Chrome, IMO. There aren’t as many extensions, but they do have the ones I use most.

One feature V16 of Opera (the latest public build) doesn’t have is quick or smart searches. On Chrome, you’re able to set up a quick search with a simple prefix. So for example, I can open a new tab and type “a gopro” to automatically launch the search for “gopro” on The developer’s edition (v18) allows these smart searches so it’s definitely worth trying this version over their generic version.

Go ahead and give it a try. It’s pretty awesome (and fast).


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